The Various Benefits of Adding a Members Area to Your Site

As an online marketer, I understand the need to make money and there are many ways to go about it. One of my favorite is the members area because of its diversity and flexible nature. A membership offers premium services, downloadable material, in-depth guides, a VIP lounge and more so adding one to your site can be quite beneficial to you as well as your business. This article will break down some of the benefits of adding a members area to your site so keep reading!


What Are Member’s Areas?

A member’s area, or backstage pass (as it is often called), is an online location where customers gain access to exclusive material and resources that aren’t available anywhere else. Essentially, it provides customers with a more in-depth look at your products, services and/or brand, giving them incentive to buy. Another great benefit of offering members-only material is that it helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors because you have something they don’t. Backstage passes are great for creating new revenue streams and can help build loyalty among customers.


How to Create One

Before you create a members area, it’s important to define your goals. How do you intend on making money from your members? What value are you providing in exchange for their membership fees? If you can answer these questions, deciding on what content you want to provide for free and what content is reserved for premium access will be easier. With that said, creating a membership site is really only limited by your creativity. There are plenty of WordPress plugins and web services out there that make creating one quite easy.


General Benefits of Having a Member’s Area

Member’s areas are great for adding some extra value to your site. For example, you can offer premium services on your website or in-depth guides that are not available elsewhere. A members area also allows you to get more personal with your audience and build up a community around your brand and business. Having an area which is only accessible by paid subscribers helps set you apart from competitors and makes people feel like they’re getting something special when they become one of your customers. It also helps promote customer loyalty as everyone likes feeling exclusive! Lastly, having a member’s area gives potential customers an incentive to upgrade their membership, increasing revenue for your business along with it.


VIP Lounge

It can be a powerful way to reward loyal visitors who become paying members. VIP members will feel valued and special, and will likely become repeat customers. However, if you aren’t careful, you could alienate your casual website visitors. For example, when free site visitors try to access certain areas on your site that are only for paying members—even if they just want one page like your contact page—make sure you tell them there’s an easy way to become VIP. If it’s important information they need access to, make sure they know how they can get it without having to join first. Consider sending potential VIP subscribers an email with links or ways they can join right away so that once they do join, that basic information is available immediately.


Offer Discounts To New Customers

Making your site free only limits its reach, which can make it difficult to generate more income in time. Instead, give new customers a special introductory offer that helps you turn them into paying customers sooner. For example, SquareSpace will give you two months for free if you sign up for an annual plan; otherwise, expect to pay about $13 per month. The discount also acts as an incentive for potential users who want to try out your platform without taking on long-term costs. You’ll get paid monthly and can ramp up prices at any time, allowing you to create predictable revenue streams without having to invest lots of money upfront. If all goes well (and with some luck), continuing using membership models will help you achieve even higher levels of success.


Survey For Feedback Or Ideas

One of your responsibilities as an online entrepreneur is listening to what your customers are saying. Creating a survey, asking them how they feel about current and potential services, or if they have any ideas for new services can help you further develop and tailor offerings to their needs. If you want feedback on your own site, provide users with either an email or survey-collecting site. You can even offer prizes or incentives for responses. This approach helps give you insight into not only what customers like (or don’t like) about your site but also lets you understand their expectations for new offerings—and it may just spark ideas that are worth pursuing.

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