Make Money From Home In Your Spare Time

Did you know that there are some companies that will pay you just for trying out their products or reviewing goods or services? Well, it’s true! These companies want your opinion about the quality of their products and services, and they reward you handsomely for it. In some cases, earning this type of money from home in your spare time can be very profitable, especially if you’re good at product testing and review writing. The best part is that anyone can do it, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection!


What is user testing?

User testing is when a company pays you to test out their products and give your feedback. It’s actually a pretty easy job—you just try out a product, and then use an online tool to record yourself talking about your experience. Companies use that video footage to improve their products. You might be thinking that you don’t have time for user testing, but if you can carve out a couple hours per week, there are companies that will pay up to $100 for your input (the rate depends on how much data they need).


Find something that interests you

Now that you know there are companies out there willing to pay you for your opinion, it’s time to figure out what kind of products or services you want to review. It could be software, games, food items, restaurants—anything! Before you start signing up for every company under the sun (again, being realistic here), do a little research on each company and decide if it’s something you would genuinely be interested in testing. Signing up with an established site is always a safer bet than signing up with an unknown company—you’ll want to make sure they have strong consumer protections in place. If a site seems fishy or is requesting personal information right off the bat (like credit card numbers), move on.


Choose the best one

A website dedicated to paid online surveys is List of online survey sites. This page includes a comprehensive list of available paid survey companies along with a detailed description of each one, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make money taking surveys. Topics covered include an overview, cost and payment methods, earning potential and more. There are many services available that offer you cash in exchange for your opinion. They’re typically called paid online surveys or market research panels or something similar. Regardless of what they’re called, chances are good that you may have taken one in order to get yourself some quick cash from time to time.


Give your opinion

Getting paid to test products is as easy as it sounds—or should be. Just sign up for User Testing, watch a few videos, and give your feedback on them. You’ll get paid between $10 and $20 per test, depending on its length. Doing product tests not only gives you an income but also allows you to provide valuable feedback directly to companies from home. Imagine being in touch with customers or even future employers without ever leaving your living room! Although it’s easiest if you live in California or another local area, don’t fret if you can’t. You can still apply for some jobs with just a little extra effort required on your part.


Earn $200-$300 from your home computer

Here’s how it works. UserTesting is an online company that provides valuable insights to companies looking to improve their services and products. As a product tester, you’ll be asked to perform a series of tasks on real websites while providing honest feedback about your experience (you’re never asked to give false or misleading information). Think of it as having someone test drive a car and then tell you what they think about driving. For every single task you complete, you will earn $10-$20 (it varies with each study). While that may not seem like much, if all goes well, your cumulative earnings for just one month could be around $200-$300!


Do it regularly

While these opportunities to make money from home for free may seem like easy money, it’s important to recognize that there is an element of competition. For example, if you want to test a new product from a company, you will want to sign up and be one of the first people they test with. You can make some side cash by testing products or services. But probably nothing meaningful until you get really good at it and build your reputation. As with any kind of competitive job market, be prepared for cutthroat competitors who are also willing to work hard for what they can get out of it—just like you are—and so everything will boil down to who’s better at doing these things than others. Do your best!

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