How to Make Money by Starting a Youtube Channel

You’ve probably heard of people making money by starting YouTube channels and posting videos of themselves giving makeup or fitness tutorials. But have you ever wondered how these channels make any money? In this article, we’ll look at how to make money by starting a Youtube channel and explore some ways you can improve your chances of success.


The Benefits of Creating a Video

Before you get discouraged, it’s important to note that video creation is not for everyone. Some of you may be highly sensitive about being on camera, or simply hate introducing yourself in front of strangers. However, if you can make it past your own discomfort and press Record (or Start), there are plenty of advantages. First off, it’s just another tool at your disposal, but one that could help put your business in front of thousands or even millions. Videos allow people who wouldn’t otherwise have time to stop and learn something new – whether it’s about your product or service or just a helpful tip – find out more about what you have to offer them.


The Equipment Needed

Before you start a YouTube channel, you’ll need some basic equipment. The only piece of technology that is truly essential is a good-quality webcam. This doesn’t have to be an expensive model; in fact, there are several options under $100 that work just fine for video chats and vlogging (as it’s known on YouTube). One very affordable option is LCA Digital Pro Webcam Model #1012C, available for about $25 online. If your computer doesn’t already have one, it will also need an HDMI port and built-in camera so you can plug directly into your laptop or desktop computer and talk face-to-face via Skype or Google Hangouts.


Ideas for What to Record

DIY videos for holiday gifts, recipes and tips, or how-to content (that’s especially helpful for other people with an audience). You can also start some fun, friendly competition with other channels. For example, you could do weekly roundups of favorite vloggers who do random challenges like wear that ugly sweater on New Year’s Eve and sing karaoke during happy hour. Or post videos about your own take on topics—one of our Vlog Squad members shares her first impressions after testing different shades of nail polish!


Editing Your Videos

If you’re making videos for YouTube, you’ll have to know how to edit your video content. Depending on what type of video it is, it might be really easy (for example, if you’re doing Instagram stories), or require more expertise (like advanced vlogging). But in either case, make sure you know what software you need and start practicing. Also, you can now add all of your work on Youtube directly into your resume! Here’s how… How to Add Your YouTube Videos into Your Resume Here’s an idea that I think we should push forward: add links to all of your videos at YouTube inside your resume!


Tips on Uploading and Getting Started

Uploading your first few videos can be scary, but getting started is one of the best things you can do for your channel. It’s also a great way to get comfortable being on camera, which will help you down the road. There are some important questions you should ask yourself before clicking record: What’s my style? Will I focus on teaching specific skills or general overviews? Do I want to convey more personality in my videos or am I going to remain strictly professional? How often should I upload videos and what format will they be in?


Monetizing and Branding

Once you’ve gotten your channel up and running, advertising is arguably one of your best bets for earning revenue. You can monetize your videos in two ways: pre-roll advertisements or YouTube channels. For pre-rolls, Google AdSense (or another video advertising network) serves up video ads before your content, which you need to have enabled for it to work. If viewers like what they see or hear during their first few seconds of watching, they will pay attention longer. On average, 10% of viewers click on these in-video ads before moving onto something else. The other option is also popular but requires more effort and planning: building a brand with an attached YouTube channel where people subscribe and follow you daily.

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