EasyLoan personal Loan Online App | EasyLoan App

EasyLoan personal Loan Online App | EasyLoan App

This is an app that gives you a loan of Rupee’s 50000

And this is a very good app which gives loan to you guys.

Very easy way to take loan from this app.

If you take a loan from this app, then you people have to back the money within 12 days.

Meaning you are given a loan for 12 days and you guys return it after 12 days If you take a loan for the first time, then you are given a loan of 5000 to 10000. After that, when you return this loan, then you are given a loan from 10,000 to 50000 next time. In this way your loan limit increases But remember one thing, whatever loan you take, you have to return it after 12 days.

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And in this interest rate you have to pay 10% If you do not even name the interest rate, then 10% fee is deducted.

If you want to take loan from this app then read this post completely.

Inside this app you have some documents requirement in which copy of CNIC is required and you are asked for three to four contact numbers and you people come live in it.


Documents required:

Your Real Name. . . . .

Copy of your CNIC . front . . &… Back. . .

Your contact number. . . .

Emergency contact number. . . .

Other contact number. . . . . .

Your Age: . . 18 years old. . .

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You can use any bank to make repayment in the easy loan app, as an example, this easypaisa & JazzCash


How to repayment

The way to r repayment in EasyLoan app is to open the EasyPaisa app and go to the payment section and click on the loan payment button and Select the corresponding loan apps and type the token number and click on the next option and the payment will be deducted from your account.

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